The 7 Most Important Equations for Your Retirement: The Fascinating People and Ideas Behind Planning Your Retirement Income

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The 800 years of scientific breakthroughs that will help salvageyour retirement plans

Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology; every field has itsintellectual giants who made breakthrough discoveries that changedthe course of history. What about the topic of retirement planning?Is it a science? Or is retirement income planning just a collectionof rules-of-thumb, financial products and sales pitches? In The7 Most Important Equations for Your Retirement…And the StoriesBehind Them Moshe Milevsky argues that twenty first centuryretirement income planning is indeed a science and has itsfoundations in the work of great sages who made conceptual andcontroversial breakthroughs over the last eight centuries.

In the book Milevsky highlights the work of sevenscholars—summarized by seven equations—who shaped allmodern retirement calculations. He tells the stories of LeonardoFibonnaci the Italian businessman; Benjamin Gompertz the gentlemanactuary; Edmund Halley the astronomer; Irving Fisher the stockjock; Paul Samuelson the economic guru; Solomon Heubner theinsurance and marketing visionary, and Andrey Kolmogorov theRussian mathematical genius—all giants in their respectivefields who collectively laid the foundations for modern retirementincome planning.

  • With baby boomers starting to hit retirement age, planning forretirement income has become a hot topic across the country
  • Author Moshe Milevsky is an internationally-respected financialexpert with the knowledge you need to assess whether you are readyto retire or not
  • Presents an entertaining, informative narrative approach tofinancial planning

Understanding the ideas behind these seven foundationequations—which Moshe Milevsky explains in a manner thateveryone can appreciate—will help baby boomers better preparefor retirement. This is a book unlike anything you have ever readon retirement planning. Think Suze Orman meets Stephen Hawking. Ifyou ever wondered what the point of all that high schoolmathematics was, Moshe Milevsky’s answer is: So that you canfigure out how to retire…while you can still enjoy yourmoney.

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