Social Security?: What’s in it for You (Financial Alert Series)

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(as of Jan 10,2019 06:34:05 UTC – Details)

This book answers the most penetrating questions that Christians have about Social Security in a non-partisan way. It condenses massive amounts of information and offers the critical answers in a straightforward way. The book offers multiple choice and other tests to help you determine how much knowledge you have about Social Security, as well as charts, graphs, and practical helps, including a Social Security time line of important dates and an appendix on the Medicare crisis.
Using simple logic in a well-organized format, Ethan Pope offers a biblical perspective as he:

  • Debunks rampant half-truths with hard facts
  • Carefully documents the problems facing Social Security
  • Explains the often misunderstood Social Security Trust Fund
  • Details the top ten potential solutions, including partial privatization
  • Provides a personal financial plan to help you prepare for retirement regardless of what happens to Social Security
  • Challenges you to rethink the meaning of retirement

Armed with these truths, you will be better prepared to take action on behalf of our nation and to meet your own retirement needs. A must-read book for all ages and incomes!

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