Premium Prince Beard Oils Variety Set Pack Bundle of Full size 2 oz Lumber Pacific and Urban Prince Scents and Naked Prince Scent Fragrance Free Gift Set Bundle Kit

Price: $29.97
(as of Jan 10,2019 14:47:13 UTC – Details)

ALL 4 OF BUSHKLAWZ PREMIUM PRINCE LINE OF MOISTURIZING BEARD OIL & LEAVE IN CONDITIONERS – Are you tired of all the cheap weird incense and plant juice smelling beard oils? So are we! We have formulated a special blend of natural carrier oils to keep your Man Mane looking its manly best and smell Magnificent! 3 Distinctly Masculine Scents plus a fragrance free scentless option! Not only do the Premium Prince Scented Beard Oils, keep your beard groomed and looking your best, they hydrate and moisturize the skin underneath to keep beardruff at bay! No more scratching through your beard and flaking all day. PREMIUM PRINCE SCENTED BEARD OILS – THE BEST beard oils to help you grow and maintain your glorious Magnificent Man Mane! SPECIALLY FORMULATED – with the absolute best carrier oils, such as Jojoba, Argan and Aloe Vera Oils. No cheap ingredients here. URBAN PRINCE – The Urban Prince proprietary fragrance is the perfect balance of masculine, sporty, refreshing, and crisp spices to have everyone begging for more. LUMBER PRINCE – The Lumber Prince proprietary fragrance is our unique masculine blend of tobacco, leather, pine, vanilla and musk essences to create our vision of the modern day LumberJack. PACIFIC PRINCE – The Pacific Prince proprietary fragrance is a refreshing, masculine balance of bergamot, grapefruit, ginger, jasmine and peppermint essences to create our vision of the modern midnight waverider. NAKED PRINCE FRAGRANCE FREE – BushKlawz Naked Prince scent free beard oil can be paired with your favorite cologne or go commando! Fragrance free without any added additives. Great for hunters and outdoorsmen!All 4 of our famous Premium Prince line of Beard Oils in one gift set. Full size 2 oz bottles. Now you can try or gift all 4 beard oils as a set bundle!
THE BEST scented and unscented fragrance free beard oils to help you condition and maintain your glorious Man’s Mane!
Specially formulated with the absolute best carrier oils to condition your beard and moisturize the skin underneath. No cheap ingredients here. See the full ingredient list below.
Lumber Prince / Urban Prince / Pacific Prince Scented beard oils are all distinct masculine scents. Something to please everyone here.
Naked Prince Scentless fragrance free beard oil is great for men who want to go incognito and keep the scent profile to the bare minimum. Best beard oil for the outdoorsman.

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