Perry Mason: Style Review (& How to Get the Look)

Are you a fan of Perry Mason? Here we discuss HBO’s Perry Mason series, the characters’ styles, and how to get their looks yourself!

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For those in the know, the character of Perry Mason has been at the center of many types of media. He’s probably most well known though as the main character of a long-running television series which was in turn, based on a series of books by author Erle Stanley Gardner. The tv series was originally broadcast from 1957 to 1966 running for 9 seasons and 271 episodes. In it, actor Raymond Burr portrayed Perry Mason as a clean-shaven, unflappable defense attorney who was always able to get people to confess to a crime on the witness stand. We’re not going to discuss the style of the original series in-depth today partly because much of was shot in black and white and partly because most of the styles feature were in the mod and jet-aged fashions of the late ’50s and the early ’60s which were clean but overall, unremarkable.

01:18 The new Perry Mason from HBO
02:16 The Golden Age of Menswear
03:28 The Perry Mason Style
06:35 The E.B. Jonathan Style
08:26 The Pete Strickland Style
09:55 The Paul Drake Style
12:09 Other Noteworthy Outfits from The Show
13:55 How To Get The Look

18:50 Preston’s take on the Perry Mason look

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