Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money!: Getting the Most From Your Investments in Retirement

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Completely expanded and updated, Live it Up Without OutlivingYour Money! Second Edition is the financial roadmap that peopleare looking for. Based on the author’s experience in the financialservices sector since the mid-1960s, including more than 30 yearsas an investment advisor and money manager, this plain-talking bookgives readers simple strategies to add between $1,000 and $10,000to their monthly income in retirement, and without taking any ofthe dumb risks of the past.

This reliable resource motivates readers to take the first stepsto change their financial situation; presents multiple strategiesfor withdrawing money during retirement; and exposes the marketingtricks perpetrated by financial institutions. This book alsoincludes added focus on newer issues such as ETFs, REITs, estateplanning, IRA withdrawals, and updated allocation strategies.

Live it Up Without Outliving Your Money! :

• Allows readers to tailor a financial plan for retirementthat takes into account the amount of risk they’re willing totolerate

• Provides multiple strategies for withdrawing money oncein retirement while also building an estate for children and othersurvivors

• Exposes the marketing tricks and emotional ploysperpetrated by financial institutions and the personal financemedia that keep investors from making the best decisions –and provide real-world examples of these deceptions

• Motivates readers to take the first steps to changetheir financial situation, which is the most difficult part of thestrategy

• Includes a dozen worksheets to help readers grapple withretirement planning

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