Beard Kit All Natural | Nutrient Rich Unscented Beard Oil & Balm | Dual Beard Comb, Brush & Scissor | Smoother & Easier Beard Growth Gift Set

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Kingly Man Beard Conditioning Grooming Kit

Are you tired of frizzy or untamed beard hair? Looking for a way to transform your beard into a healthier version of itself? Here at KINGDOM STANDARD PRODUCTS, we have just what you need! Our Kingly Man Beard complete Beard Conditioning Grooming Kit consists of a wide range of beard care products just for you!

What exactly do you get with your kit?

  • 100% boar bristle beard brush to work oils naturally into your hair for a healthier beard
  • Fine and coarse teeth premium wooden comb to detangle and shape any size beard
  • Professional high-quality scissors to cut, trim and style your beard the way you like
  • Unscented natural wax and moisturizing beard balm to train and tame your mane
  • Convenient travel bag to take your beard kit wherever you go
  • Durable grooming kit box with magnetic closure to safely protect and store products
  • A 100% professional quality beard grooming tools set to cater to your Kingly Man Beard

Looking for a gift for your loved one? We have the perfect kit to meet their beard grooming needs. Kingly Man Beard Grooming Kit contains everything a bearded man needs for his beard.


  • Professional and Handsome looking beard
  • Soft, Vibrant &Strong beard hair
  • Increase blood Flow to facial hair follicles
  • Stray and unsightly beard hairs removed

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HEALTHY & SMOOTH HAIR – Our natural Beard Conditioning Grooming Kit makes your beard hair soft, vibrant & strong. It is why we have crafted the products in our kit to condition, style and shape your beard hair while promoting healthy hair growth. All made possible with our easy to use, high-quality professional beard grooming tools.
WOODEN BEARD COMB & BRUSH – Our natural wood dual action beard comb comes with fine and course teeth made for different beard lengths. The fine teeth maintains short to medium size beards, while the course teeth shapes and detangle longer beards. The comb will help spread healthy, natural facial oils throughout your hair to help prevent split ends. It also shapes your beard hair for a consistent appearance. Our grooming kit would be incomplete without this anti-snagging comb.
STRONGER BEARD – Our beard oil helps the hair follicles in your skin grow stronger & healthier beard hair. This isn’t just an ordinary beard oil, but a conditioner which nourishes your beard with vitamin E and ingredients. Plus, it doesn’t leave a heavy scent. As a complement to oil, our beard balm helps remove frizz, split ends, and gets the unruly hair to behave. Our beard balm is made from natural wax ingredients and moisturizing oils.
BEARD & MUSTACHE TRIMMING SCISSORS – Our premium stainless steel scissors provide the professional quality beard & mustache shaping, styling and trimming. The blades are tempered with hand sharpened edges for easy slicing, the thickest manes. The blades are long and lightweight, making them easy & effective to use. Plus, the scissors have a finger rest for your convenience. Designed with ergonomics in mind.
PREMIUM CUSTOMER SERVICE – We take great pride & care in manufacturing & developing only the highest-quality products for our customers!. But if for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, we are here to help you in every possible way.

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