Beard Growth and Thickening Shampoo – with Organic Beard Oil – Beard Grooming kit – for Facial Hair Growth Shampoo – for Younger Looking Beard – (8oz) – Made in USA

Price: $24.97
(as of Sep 21,2019 14:06:55 UTC – Details)

Mark my word as a Polished Gentleman! This shampoo makes it literally 6.8 trillion times easier to grow and maintain your best beard. It will also be your ace accessory, best bargaining chip, main marketing tool, finest female facilitator, and occasionally a superlative safety device. Organic ingredients? Always and forever. Beard growth? Faster than cups run out at parties. Thicker, fuller, softer, stronger, HEALTHIER beard? But of course, my good fellow! Let me break it down… MANLINESS ACROSS ALL SENSES: Look like a man as others revel in the glory of your magnificent beardedness. Sound like a man, as the wind and your facial follicles intertwine to produce music so sweet it’ll make angels cry and strong men want to die. Feel like a man, as the coarse, wild man wires attached to your face are tamed into soft, delightful strands that will give your lady friend a deep purr. Smell like a man, as pure and natural masculinity wafts from your mustache like aromatherapy, like a candle store under attack by an arsonist. Your beard will even taste manly, after being saturated by such gloriously magnificent ingredients as find themselves in this miracle that is the… Polished Gentleman Beard Shampoo!PROTECT YOUR BRILLIANCE. With biotin, argan & organic ingredients that ensure silky & shinier beard
BATHROOM BANISHMENT. Dump the beard balm or butter for these ingredients of the gods.
MADE IN USA, FAMILY-OWNED with 3 generations making our own natural products. Products You Can Trust.
SIDE BENEFIT. With this beard shampoo you’ll make better grill than George Foreman.
GUARANTEE. If after use for 30 days you aren’t satisfied contact Customer Service for a full refund.

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