5 Leather Jacket Outfits (Classic & Modern Men’s Style)

We provide insight on how to get the most out of your leather jacket by these 5 sample outfits for gentlemen interested in classic casual style: https://gentl.mn/leather-jacket-outfits

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00:00 Leather Jacket Outfits Introduction

Contrary to what some people assume, the leather jacket has a place in the classic menswear canon, but you have to pick the style and material that’s right for you. Because a quality leather jacket can be a substantial investment, we’re making this guide to help you make the right choice. We’ll provide insight on how to get the most out of your leather jacket by showing off some outfits that really anyone can pull off.

00:45 Leather Jacket History

Leather jackets might be associated with stylish bad boys, but their origins are actually classically utilitarian. In the late 19th and 20th centuries, leather jackets were essentially practical garments. Motorcycle jackets actually began as safety equipment as they would protect the rider from road rash in the event of crashes and provide insulation and warmth while riding.

03:11 Quality Hallmarks: 1. High-Quality Leather
04:12 2. Color
04:46 3. Features Relevant To You
05:36 4. Jacket Style
06:33 5. Fit

07:40 Leather Jacket Outfits – Outfit #1 Casual Streetwear
08:34 Outfit #2 Everyday Elegance
09:26 Outfit #3 Insulated Urbanity
10:10 Outfit #4 Accessorized Warmth
11:37 Outfit #5 Moto-Cool

We hope that today’s guide provided you with a lot of inspiration on how to wear a leather jacket. All these leather jackets and leather jackets talk kind of has Nathan wishing he owned a motorcycle.

12:50 Outfit Rundown

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